These are usually done by amazing people to bring you new content using an old game’s engine. There are plenty of hacked roms out there, but I’m going to list you a few of my favourite pokemon ones!. Notable Features New Tiles Mega Evolution. Pokemon Mega Ruby Gba Rom Download For Android Pokemon Omega Ruby is a 2014 ROM hack of the original Pokemon strategy RPG – Pokemon Ruby for the Game Boy Advance .

  • Pokemon Mega Power is a Hack/RPG video game published by wind1158 released on May 4, 2014 for the GameBoy Advance.
  • The patcher is not good and unreliable.
  • ROMs come in .zip files, which can take a few minutes to download depending on the size.
  • Many new features were included in the completed version and some Pokemon Generation 4th are available.

Therefore, regardless of your desired style of play or favorite Pokémon, you will have a good time playing this game. The Master Ball gives you a 100% chance of catching any Pokemon in the game. You only get one in Pokemon Emerald, and you would have to save it for a Legendary Pokemon when you receive it. With a cheat, you can get as many Master Balls as you want. Other than modified Game Boy Advances, you can play Pokémon Emerald or other Game Boy titles on a Game Boy Advance emulator.


The story is pretty much the same, but it just has better or gameplay mechanics that can intrigue you. One thing this ROM hack boasts is that it can be a bit hard and challenging. Pokemon Ruby was arguably one of the best games that came out for the GBA.

As time moves fast and the improvement of technology, an immense demand for classic Pokemon games has soared. The best thing is that people can now play these GBA ROM Hacks on both computer and mobile devices. Welcome and see our compilation of Pokemon GBA ROM hacks. Though hundreds of Pokemon ROM Hack games exist online, we add only those games we think are worth being shared in the community. There are 10 fantastic GBC ROM hacks worth checking out if you’d like to revisit these classic regions or try something new from the GBC era.

pokemon leaf green rom

Hack pokemon platinum for Nintendo DS

In this video we’ll be jumping into Pokemon Fused Dimensions – a rom hack of FireRed with over 200 fusions of Pokemon from all generations! Not only that, the shiny odds have been boosted to 1/400!. Click the “Download Links” link at the top of the ROM’s details page, then click the download link that the page scrolls to. Pros, It allows you to save the game whenever you want. Use cheat codes to make the experience fun.

How To Make A Pokemon Rom Hack Gba

Once you open your image in IrfanView, click on “Image” in the header. In the dropdown menu, select the option “Decrease Color Depth”. Select “16 Colors”, deselect “Use Floyd-Steinberg dithering”, and click OK.